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Terms of Service

(The Purpose of this Agreement) Section 1 This agreement governs the guidelines for the use of the internet website store, “Tosa Forged Japanese Blades - Toyokuni Blacksmiths” (hereafter referred to as the “Shop”), established by TOYOKUNI Ltd. (the “Company”), and of it’s products and services rendered (collectively, the “Services”). Those who use the Services (collectively, the “Users”) agree to abide by these terms of use. (The Scope of this Agreement) Section 2 This agreement applies to all matters related to Services rendered between the Company and Users. In order for the Company to provide fluid Service, part of this agreement is constructed to inform Users, as required, of the rules and regulations of Service use. (Changes to this Agreement) Section 3 The Company may make changes to this agreement as necessary. Changes to this agreement come into effect when Users are notified. (Handling of User Information) Section 4 Registration applications, and any other information reported to the Company thereafter, including usage information, is recorded in the Company’s database. This information is considered property of the Company. The Company may use the aforementioned recorded information for business operations. Other than the instances listed below, the Company will not offer User information to third parties in a format in which Users can be personally identified. ● The Company receives the consent of the User. ● Disclosure is requested in compliance with laws and ordinances. ● An obligation based on this agreement demands disclosure. ● Disclosure is necessary for the improvement of the technological or financial functioning of the Services. ● Other instances, when it is abundantly necessary for the operation of Services. (Communication Equipment, etc.) Section 5 Users take personal responsibility for maintaining and managing computers, communication devices, communication lines, and any other equipment necessary to use the Services. Usage fees for the communication lines necessary to use the Services are not included in the Service fee, and are the direct responsibility of Users. (ID: Administrative responsibility for email addresses and passwords) Section 6 In order to use the Services, Users use an ID (email address) and a password (personal identification number) that they establish at the time of registration approval. Users can change their passwords through the company’s designated procedure. It is the personal responsibility of Users to maintain their ID and password. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damages incurred in the event of a usage error or misuse of a User account by a third party. Users are prohibited from allowing a third party to use their ID and password, transfer or lend their ID and password to a third party, or use their ID and password as collateral, etc. In the event that a User discovers that their ID or password has been stolen or used by a third party, they should report it immediately to the Company.
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