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Terms of Use/Privacy Policy
Terms of Use
Terms of Use  In choosing to view and use this website, you are agreeing to and are thereby bound by these terms of use. Moreover, we may revise the terms of use at anytime without prior notice. Please always confirm the terms of use when you place an order.

● The sales price is the price at the time of purchase. If a price change occurs after placing your order or before your products are delivered, we will not change the sales price of your purchase (except in the case of a listing error). We pay careful attention to strictly adhere to delivery dates, however, please understand that a change in delivery date is possible due to trouble at the manufacturer, production status, system trouble, etc. Furthermore, we will not take responsibility in the case that a customer or third party incurs a loss or damages because of such a change.

● A customer’s order will only be accepted and is only valid if it is placed using our designated ordering methods.
It is not possible to place an order by means other than our online shopping system or telephone.
Due to system trouble or other problems, it is possible that our company may not be able to accept your order.

● While we take great care to ensure accuracy in the pricing and details of our product listings, if in the case that a human error should occur, we ask for your understanding. Also, please understand that in the case of a price listing error, even after confirming your order, we may not be able to accept it.
In such an instance, we will show you the proper price, and confirm your desire to place your order again.

● While we pay careful attention to strictly adhere to delivery dates, a delivery date change is possible due to manufacturer production trouble, shipping trouble, system trouble, etc. In such a case, please understand that we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages that a customer or third party incurs.

● We take all possible measures to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website, however, there is the possibility that a posting is easy to misunderstand, or that typographical errors may occur.
In such an instance, we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damages incurred.

● Our company reserves the right to change or update the information, product information, or programming on our website without prior notice.

● Discrepancies in the information listed on our site and what is displayed for the customer may occur due to the customer’s web browsing environment (browser cache, etc.). We work to maintain the most accurate information on our website.

●  We do not accept cancellation requests for orders after they are placed. Please only place your order after careful consideration.

 We will not take any responsibility for any losses or damages incurred because of the information or links on our website, or because of any of the reasons listed above.

Copyright  The copyright for all of the content displayed on our website belongs to Toyokuni Blacksmith. Reproduction, modification, third party distribution, selling, public disclosure, or broadcasting of any of our website’s content without receiving prior written permission from our company is strictly prohibited.
Liability for Damages  Access and usage of our site is at the discretion of the user. Our company, as well as all third parties involved in the production of this website, are not liable for any losses or damages incurred by accessing and browsing our website.
Our company does not guarantee or assert whatsoever the accuracy of our homepage content.
Alterations to Services Offered  Our company reserves the right to modify, stop, or cancel the services on our website at any time without informing our customers in advance.
Suspension of Website Operation  Our company reserves the right to temporarily stop website services for a short or long period of time without prior notification due to system damage or site maintenance. Furthermore, we are not liable for any losses or damages incurred due to the suspension of our website serrvices.
Passwords  Users set their own passwords, and are responsible for password maintenance and protection. Our company is not liable for any losses or damages incurred by the unauthorized use of a user’s password by a third party.
Management and Protection of Personal Information  On our website, when purchasing a product, registering as a customer, or responding to surveys, customers enter their personal information and it is registered in our database. We use this registered information to provide our customers with the most beneficial and convenient services possible, such as informing customers of their order statuses, and special bargain prices. We also take every precaution to manage and protect this information so that it is not leaked to third parties.
Sales Prices and Order

The sales price is the price listed at the time of purchase. If a price change occurs after placing your order or before your products are delivered, we will not change the sales price of your product. In addition, as a general rule we cannot conduct order cancellations without the mutual agreement of both parties. However, an exception will be made in the case of a price listing error at the time of purchase. In the above mentioned situation as well as those listed below, our company can cancel an order by sending the customer a notice with the reason for the cancellation.

● When the personal information a customer provides turns out to be false.

● When it is not possible for our company to deliver the product to the customer because the desired product is out of production and we cannot procure it from the market. Or when it is unusually difficult to procure the product.

● When we cannot confirm receipt of payment within 5 days of the order being placed. (The order processing period is 5 days)

● When the quantity of the product ordered is limited, and the quantity ordered exceeds that limit.

● When it is acknowledged that an order must be cancelled due to unavoidable reasons.

Returns and Refunds  Excluding matters determined separately by the provisions of the warranty, in no situation can we accept returns or refunds for purchased products. Please make your purchase after careful consideration.
Delivery and Delivery Date  From the time that our company receives an order, we try our best to make a prompt delivery, but for unpredictable reasons such as natural disasters or system trouble, delivery may be delayed. In such cases, we do not take any responsibility for damages or losses, directly or indirectly, incurred by the customer or any third party. In addition, in the event of a price listing error, we may decide that we cannot ship the product. In that case, we will contact you immediately explaining the situation.
Email Deletion  In the event that an email sent to our company has any content that is in violation of public order and decency, we reserve the right to delete the email without notifying the sender. In addition if we judge any content to include inappropriate words or phrases, we reserve the right to delete the email without notifying the sender.
Use by Minors  In the event that a minor agrees to these terms of use, parental consent is also required.
Governing Law  We use Japanese law as the governing law regarding the interpretation and application of these terms of use.
Customs duties
on purchases 

After purchasing goods from us, you will be obliged to pay customs duties when the package arrives in the shipping country.
The amount varies from country to country, so please inquire with the customs office of each country.
Even if the purchaser refuses to pay the customs duty, the purchase cannot be canceled. (Cancellation is not possible after paypal credit payment has been completed.)

Other  The terms of this warranty agreement is valid only within Japan.
Our company cannot take responsibility in the event that user data is lost or erased due to website service equipment breakdowns or trouble, as well as communication line malfunctions. There is also a possibility that user information may be lost or erased, or communications delayed due to a system malfunction. In such cases, our company is not liable for any incurred loss or damages.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy  Toyokuni Blacksmith, operated by Toyokuni, ltd., (hereafter referred to as “our company”) protects and safely handles important customer personal information based on the “Privacy Policy” displayed below.
Moreover, in conducting a transaction with our company, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information based on the protection measures we have devised as outlined below.
Collection and
Use of

In using the following services that our company offers, customers provide us with their personal information, including their name, address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, email address, and cookie information. Our company uses this personal information to introduce relevant products from partner companies, and services that we deem to be beneficial to customers.
Also, while we do inform customers of partner company services, customer personal information is managed and sent by our company. Partner companies will not retain customer personal information.

● Account registration
● Product purchase
● Present and prize contest entry
● Various inquiries
● Making statistical documents on things such as service utilization trends and website access analysis

Release and Providing of Personal Information 

With the exception of the cases listed below, our company will not provide our customers’ personal information to any third party.

● When the release of the personal information is required by law.
● When we receive permission from the customer in advance.
● When we provide or release personal information, only to the necessary extent, to an outsourced contractor to carry out a service desired by the customer.
● When we provide or release personal information in a format in which the individual cannot be identified, such as statistical documents.
● When releasing personal information to a company that has signed a nondisclosure agreement with our company in advance.
● When our company has logically judged that it is necessary to release personal information to protect the rights, assets, or safety of our company or a third party.

Methods of Protecting
Personal Information 
Our company has devised the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, theft, abuse unauthorized access, release, or falsification of the personal information we have collected from our customers. We strictly manage our customers’ personal information.
When customers utilize services that require a password, we ask that they use a password that is a combination of letters and numbers, and that they change their password frequently.
Release, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information  Customers can view and modify the personal information they have provided when they registered their accounts.
Also, in the event that you wish to delete your account information, please contact us at the email address below.
We respond promptly to account correction or deletion requests.
Contact Information 

For complaints, inquiries, or confirmation regarding the handling of personal information at our company, please contact us at the email address below. 
Email contact details:


Other  In the future, our company may revise part or all of our view on privacy. In the event of an important change, we will announce it on our website.

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